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Exterior Express Services

Autoscrub & Poly Sealant

Recommended for vehicles that have stubborn contaminants on the exterior of the vehicle that normal washing does not remove. This service will make your vehicle feel like new again without any abrasive compounds. This process is used with a nanosealant to seal the painted surfaces of your vehicle. The result a clean, smooth, and shiny surface.

$50plus wash

Exterior Detailing Packages

Protection Package

Recommended for new vehicles up to 1 year old and/or to provide routine protection when applied seasonally.

  • Full service wash
  • Colinite wax applied by hand
  • Tire dressing

Approximate time 1 hour


Deep Clean & Protection

Recommended for cars that are 6 to 18 months old that contain environmental fallout on painted surfaces.

Protection package plus:
Autoscrub paint cleansing process

Approximate time 1.5 hours


Deep Shine & Protection

Recommended for vehicles that are 6 to 18 months old with light oxidation or minor swirls.

Protection package plus:
Glaze process to restore shine

Approximate time 1.5 hours


Refresh & Protect

Recommended for cars that are 12 to 24 months old with light oxidation, minor swirls and environmental fallout.

Protection package plus:

  • Auto scrub paint cleansing process
  • Glaze or polish paint correcting process

Approximate time 2 hours

starting at$185

Complete Exterior

Recommended for vehicles that are older than 24 months and/or contain any of the following: moderate to heavy surface scratches/heavy oxidation/hard water stains.

Refresh and Protection packages plus:

  • Compounding of all scratches
  • Polishing the clear coat to restore shine
  • Glazing to enhance shine
  • Hand applied paste wax for protection

Approximate time 3–5 hours

starting at$250

All prices plus NYS sales tax. Additional charge may apply for oversize vehicles. All vehicles must be seen by management.