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Because we understand that not every car needs a complete interior detail, these services are offered to provide interior maintenance cleaning to selected areas.

Each takes less than 30 minutes.

Express Super Clean

Console, Dash & Door Panels, blown out with compressed air, cleaned and conditioned.

$55plus car wash

Express Seats

A thorough cleaning of either leather or cloth seats, cloth seats get steam cleaned, leather seats get cleaned with a ph balanced leather cleaner and then leather conditioner.

$55plus car wash

Express Carpets & Mats

A thorough cleaning of all carpets and mats.

$55plus car wash

Interior Detailing Packages

Interior Cleaning

Recommended for vehicles that contain any of the following: moderate to heavy soil/stains/or spills on carpets, headliner, seats, and/or trunk.

Includes: Super Clean package, Seats package, and Carpets & Mats package.

Approximate time 3–4 hours

starting at$195

Disinfect and Protect

Recommended for vehicles that contain any of the following: moderate to heavey soil/stains/or spills on carpets, seats, or headliner. In addition to removing odors from smoke, mildew, mold, vomit, paint, or feces.

Includes: Interior Cleaning package plus Complete interior sanitization with our three step fog process EVO8 in conjunction with our steam cleaning process.

Approximate time 3–4 hours

starting at$295

All prices plus NYS sales tax. Additional charge may apply for oversize vehicles. All vehicles must be seen by management.