At Five Corners we know how important fundraising can be to your organization. With this in mind, we have developed a fundraising program to assist organizations in the community and to enable all involved to get the most out of their fundraising efforts.

Five Corners has raised thousands dollars for local area charities and organizations.


Your members and volunteers can sell Five Corners pre-paid gift cards to be used for car washes, detail services, or store item purchases. Your organization receives a generous donation that increases with the number of cards sold.

You will need organization and motivation to make this type of fundraiser work. You will need a system to supervise your members to ensure they keep selling cards. This type of selling is much like selling Girl Scout Cookies, as it is sold both to family & friends and done “door to door”.


By far one of the most popular ways to raise funds is through a raffle or auction & Five Corners Car Wash is ready to help! We can donate auto detailing services and car wash packages. Just provide us with event specifics and we will try to come up with a great package.

Every year Five Corners Car Wash donates thousands of dollars in Gift Certificate packages to organizations that go on to hold successful auctions and raffles. With our popularity in the area these items often fetch great bids and increase the excitement of the raffle experience.

Best of all, No Cost to Your Organization

Five Corners will provide all the materials needed to promote and fulfill your fund-raising effort. Whether it is the pre-paid gift card sale or a Five Corners Detailing gift certificate for your organization'd raffle, Five Corners wants to help you keep your costs as low as possible so that you keep more of every dollar raised.


Here are just a few of the many organizations we have joined with:

Your Organization Benefits

It’s a fun, easy and quick way to raise a lot of money. No promotional materials to buy keeps it simple. Five Corners handles all the paperwork, saving you time and money. You become an honorary member of the Five Corners Family, a great start to a long-term relationship.

Five Corners Car Wash is represented by your respected organization and by doing so we have the opportunity to introduce our service to new customers. This is our way of giving something back to the community. Five Corners welcomes the opportunity to help your organization meet and exceed its fundraising goals. If you have any questions or would like more information, please feel free to give us a call and speak with our Fundraising Coordinator David Rubinstein: (516) 328-6111 or email us at